What to say?

Why Cane Loco

The name Cane Loco is an interaction of 2 Languages

The italian word Cane (Dog or brute) and the spanish word Loco (Crazy)

it was created as a tag and at first it was whriten Can e Loco ( the Crazy Can / Chrzy Spraycan)

but the playing with letters and words turnd it into Cane Loco

What is Cane Loco?

Cane Loco stands for creativ Artworks and merch.

The main idea that stands behind Cane Loco is creating  an artform that stands out from the mass

Cane Loco trys to give art a new place in this world with all the old fashiond advertising agencies

 and cultural policies. It trys to fand ney places for art in an not criminal or old fassiond way!

Young art against the narrow-minded world


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